About us

Building Enterprise "DOMBUD" Ltd. in Nowy Tomysl began operating on January 1st 1994 after having been changed into the company of Building and Repairs Works of Housing Co-operative in Nowy Tomysl. The works operated in the structure of the co-operative for 15 years. 

The firm employs a hundred employees of various specialisation, experienced and well prepared to carry out works. 

Our production programme includes constructing and assembling works, installations and water-supply-and-sewage-net-works, building roads and small architecture
and repair and modernisation services as well as transport and equipment services. 

We have specialised in constructing:

- one family houses and blocks of flats with a full technical infrastructure
- sports, service and educational objects
- roads and pavements made of concrete blocks and warming up the external walls of the buildings using the most modern technologies.

DOMBUD has a technical basis equipped with means of transport and tools enabling us to offer a wide range of construction works. 

Building Enterprise DOMBUD has been recommended by Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians for carrying out construction and assembly works. It offers high quality services, competitive prices and short time-limits.



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Przedsiebiorstwo Budowlane Dombud Sp. z o.o., ul. Sczanieckiej 2, 64-300 Nowy Tomysl,

tel.: +48 61 44 24 430, fax. + 48 61 44 23 182, biuro@dombud-nt.pl

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